• Thursday evening : Oliver Koch
    Thursday evening : Oliver Koch
    DJ who plays mainly traditional music , trying to balance al important orchestras from the end of the 30s till the 50s , with some personal tandas , next to the classics , always danceable and respecting the different styles of Tango !
  • Thursday after party : Alejandro Jaime
    Thursday after party : Alejandro Jaime
    As a Tango DJ he plays in local milongas, weekends, encuentros, festivals, marathons and in many of the most important events in the European tango scene
  • Friday afternoon : Marie-Jeanne Sylvie
    Friday afternoon : Marie-Jeanne Sylvie
    I am a tanguera since 1995 and started DJ’ing in Ghent in 2002. Meanwhile I had the pleasure DJ’ing on a regular basis at milongas in Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Lille
  • Friday evening : Jens Ingo Brodesser
    Friday evening : Jens Ingo Brodesser
    On special occasions I do DJ-sets from my vinyl collection, without using a computer but with the same high standards as if I would. The pure analog sound has a magical effect on the dancers.
  • Friday evening : Juergen Marke
    Friday evening : Juergen Marke
    Teaching Tango de Salón at the Tango Social Club in Brussels, he's also regularly DJ'ing in various milongas in Belgium.
  • Friday after party : Nicolas Surra
    Friday after party : Nicolas Surra
    Nicolas “Lyx” Surra Spadea (Brussels, Belgium) is a dancer, DJ and musician, who has a long and profound experience in tango and knows exactly how the music and dance are attached to each other.
  • Saturday afternoon : Bénédicte Beauloye
    Saturday afternoon : Bénédicte Beauloye
    As a DJ, I first love to research the true energy of every song, to articulate them into a tanda that will tell you a story.
  • Saturday evening : Carlos Cabral
    Saturday evening : Carlos Cabral
    My enormous passion for dancing has greatly influenced my sets. Regularly DJing at European milongas, I love to play 30s classics and 40s traditional orchestras ...
  • Sunday afternoon : Toufik Cherifi
    Sunday afternoon : Toufik Cherifi
    I have always been a music addict. Discovering blues, jazz, rock and soul music. But nothing could have given me this amazing feeling like tango.
  • Sunday evening : Diego Doigneau
    Sunday evening : Diego Doigneau
    Born in Argentina, studied Music and Theatre. For the last 9 years he‘s been the resident dj at Negracha Tango Club, London’s biggest milonga.
  • Sunday after party : Claire Deville
    Sunday after party : Claire Deville
    After a profesional dancing career, tango caught me in 2010. I've worked at the operand music has always been key. After so much time spent in Buenos Aires, I've started DJing trying to respect the great advices that I got there, and the spirit of the milonga ...
  • Monday evening : Fernando Corrado
    Monday evening : Fernando Corrado
    Fernando Corrado Tango DJ Fernando Corrado es DJ en las principales milongas de Buenos Aires y cuenta con mas de 10 años de experiencia musicalizando ...

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