Diego Doigneau

Sunday evening milonga

Born in Argentina, studied Music and Theatre. For the last 9 years he‘s been the resident dj at Negracha Tango Club, London’s biggest milonga. He has also been djing in major worldwide festivals and milongas including River Tango in London, Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival in Porec, CircuiTo milonguero in Turin, Practica X and Viva la Pepa in Buenos Aires.

At the moment is organising a new tango project in London called Milonga 3D. His work at milongas is mainly to create the journey the dancers will take that night through the music, for this he selects the songs varying constantly the atmosphere of the night.

The core of the night will be based on golden era orchestras, but all depends on the night, where we end up going. He loves music in general, he loves the night and he loves to keep people dancing till even after the milonga is over !