Narjisse Moumna TDK

Thursday After Party

TDK is a DJ, music lover, polyglot, passioned and refined who has the taste for details and for the flow that she likes to measure by observing the dancefloor and the pulse of the dancers.

She knows her classics but will include some surprises and some new things to discover. The tone of her milongas is always dark like the night, and she likes to include some lyrical moments of her own. Her writing, going from Stabat Mater to “Tabasse ta Mère” is digging deep into the night, a bit like love, without repeating herself.

She is walking on a tightrope, between bringing flesh into a intellectual approach of the music, and between the acting presence of the brain in an interpretation of orquestras with a wild, sensitive, organic and sensual approach of voices and instruments.

She is done with what is NOT music, only the present moment without any dust and with the presence of music growing. Her style : “Once upon a time” where setting the music becomes a choreographic writing, full of visions and immediacy , mixing bodies. Writing the night without compromises, and oversaturated with dance, even if with breathing and suspense.

Playmooooobil, let’s go for another adventure !