Paula Rubin & Mariano Galeano

Paula Rubin and Mariano Galeano are a dynamic couple from Buenos Aires. Their way of dancing can be subscribed
as speedy, sensual, artistic, acrobatic but most of all Tanguera!!

Both have a good reputation as dancers as well as teachers. On stage they are one body with four legs,
they are very connected and respectful to each other. In a salon, they are quiet, elegant and very musical.

When they teach, they approach every student individually, because all people are different. At the end of a lesson,
Paula and Mariano want all students to know the essence of the lesson. They give away all their secrets.

Paula and Mariano taught and performed all over Europe. They participated in several great festivals and shows.

Both are co-organizers of the beneficial Tango-festival “Tango por los Chicos”.
This festival is completely organized in benefit of the street children of Buenos Aires.

Mariano lives in Belgium for 4 years now and Paula remained in Buenos Aires, but now… THEY ARE BACK…

The come back tour of Paula together with Mariano starts in March and will last until the end of April.

Keep an eye on the agenda and join them!!