Noelia Hurtado & Facundo De la Cruz

Facundo and Noelia began their journey together in 2019.

Both belong to and have learnt in the same traditional Buenos Aires tango environment. Their careers have taken them through different places and tango scenes, in 2019 with well established trajectories and marked personalities in their individual dance, they’ve met and decided to start the challenge of merging their styles, to continue evolving as dancers and also develop their own identity as a couple.

Thanks to their popularity and recognition they have traveled the world, working in theaters, festivals and tango schools, where they have developed their teaching method, as well as worked on their performances and coaching programs for professional dancers.
They have a very wide national and international recognition in the tango world.
Today, they are not only among the main referents of their generation, but they are also an inspiration for many tangueros and tangueras in the world.

Their dance is distinguished by its sophistication, elegance, musicality, authenticity and passion.