Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinoza

Videos: Lisbon 2018 – Lisbon 2018 (2) – Romania 2017

Noelia is a dancer with an unusual quality of movements. Her dance, fast and responsive modulates the energies of the dancer and the dance music fusing them into a soft and smooth aura. Each tango’s harshness is softened to the extent that the couple looks as if it was dancing in the air rather than to the ground. Her training as a dancer of traditional tango anchors her style to the true uncompromising saloon tradition, but with her softness defeats its rigidity.

Noelia made an intense investigation with important maestros acquiring the style and forms of tango as a popular dance as well as the new tendencies, thus merging the traditional essence with modern tango trying to combine the attributes of traditional tango with new elements and techniques of contemporary tango.

Carlitos Espinoza became Noelia’s dance partner in 2011. He started tango about fifteen years ago. Always a fan of the close embrace, he defines his dance as a mix between tradition and evolution, complementing the dynamics tango has today with its roots in the traditional milonguero style. Over the past couple of years, both Noelia and Carlitos have become requested teachers and performers at various festivals all over the world.

Carlos and Noelia are probably the most famous new couple in the world. Both already have huge experience in teaching and performing (which can be backed up with countless YouTube videos with 20.000+ hits), so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when we saw them dance together for the first time. Well, it was jaw-droopingly beautiful. And we don’t drop our jaws so easily! They are a perfect example when love of the dance and pure talent meet. The past doesn’t matter anymore. There is only now and the future which is the brightest for these two.

Noelia and Carlos perhaps today are one of the most famous and favorite couple among tangueros all over the world! Working together since 2011, they managed to create their own style, combing previous experience in a record short time.

Dance of Carlos and Noelia combines both the tradition of classical style tango salon, with their breathtaking beauty of close embrace, as well as the new dynamics and energy , that makes one believe that a couple is dancing on the air!

Noelia Hurtado has been dancing for over 10 years, she learned not only the best representatives of the modern history of the tango, but also at the famous old milongueros.

Carlitos Espinoza also had time to explore the argentine tango, choosing from himself the way that defined his style today.

Carlitos and Noelia have –apart of their own projects- been working together since 2011. Their unmistakable style is marked by its origin, the milonguero style. Their dynamics and musicality, their transfer of the music into the movements of the body turn their dance into an extremely sensual experience. Not without good reason are they so much in demand at the big festivals.