Eugenia & Hernan

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Eugenia Ramírez Miori

An actress by education, she studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Buenos Aires. She has been a dancer and tango teacher for 25 years.
Eugenia combines several talents. She acts in cinema, she  sings and dances tango. She wrote three plays on the subject “Tina”, “A Sopapo Limpio” and in 2014 she staged her first show in Brussels “Le feu de la Terre”. She has starred in five feature films. She was a choreographer at the “Théâtre Royal du Parc” and the “Théâtre des Galeries”.
Eugenia learned in Buenos Aires from the ancient milongueros. She taught there for 11 years and was the partner and friend of Maestro Leonardo “Petaca” Lerman for 8 years. She danced in the capital’s most famous salons. In 2002 she moved to Brussels where she started her Tango school. Pedagogy is one of hers great assets.

Hernán Alvarez Prieto

Hernán is one of the most authentic and respected dancers by the milongueros. Beloved by all the “Ancients” of Buenos Aires, loved by all the former dancers, Hernan holds the most precious secrets and “yeites”. He makes demos in the most traditional milongas and is applauded. He was a pupil of the greatest milongueros and accompanied the “great maestras” Nélida Fernandez, La Negra Margarita and Ofelia Rosito. Today, he travels the world giving workshops and performances.
Aside from his work as a dancer, Hernan is a remarkable DJ, his knowledge and musical taste are unrivalled. He has been musicalising the most traditional milongas since he was 17.
Hernán lives in Buenos Aires, he comes especially to Brussels to perform with Eugenia.

Eugenia & Hernán

We can see Eugenia and Hernán dancing together in the film NOSOTROS, in 2006, they were already friends and loved to dance every Sunday in Buenos Aires since 2004. Despite the distance, every year Hernan comes to Europe and Eugenia goes to Buenos Aires to share the pleasure of dancing together. They performed together at the Canning Salon, El Floreo, Lo de Celia, the Patio de Tango, La Porteña and the Antwerp International Festival.
Caretakers of tradition and of its transmission, both having danced with ancients, their dance tasting the 40’s, when the dancers sparkled with youth and the dances were animated by the rhythm of D’ Arienzo. A dance of the suburbs, simple and fresh, unpretentious, but full of musicality and emotion.